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Radiation Safety Program Development

Southeast Radiation Services can provide you with a fully detailed Radiation Protection Program that meets all of your regulatory requirements. This includes complete radiation procedures in compliance with your specific requirements and that provide you with the tools to insure that you have a fully functioning radiation safety program. 

The basic components of all radiation safety programs include:

  1. As Low As Reasonable Achieveable (ALARA) Program and Procedures

  2. Personnel Monitoring/Dosimetry Program and Procedures

  3. Environmental Exposure Monitoring Program and Procedures

  4. Access Control Program and Procedures

  5. Radiation Instrumentation Program and Procedures

  6. Radiation Survey Program and Procedures

  7. Radiation Worker Training Program and Procedures

  8. Radiation Source Acquisition, Inventory, Source Disposal Programs and Procedures

  9. Emergency Response Plan and Procedures

  10. Radiation Program Audit Program and Procedures

  11. Radiation Records Program and Procedures

As needs differ from business to business, each radiation safety program is customized to meet the specific requirements. Southeast Radiation Services is prepared to discuss your program needs and provide you with a detailed outline of the services we can provide.

For more information on these services,and how we can  help you meet your radiation safety compliance needs, please contact us.